Smart Tech and Grid Recruitment and Executive Search

​Addressing the urgent global challenges of climate change and energy security, the energy sector is shifting towards a smarter, more distributed, and electrified system. The rise of renewable energy, the growing demand for electric vehicles, and the need for resilient energy supply are transforming grid management and broader energy systems. Initiatives like the Smart Metering rollout are creating opportunities to leverage data, develop smart grids, and democratise energy access.

AP GlobalEnergy focuses on recruiting top talent for organisations dedicated to smart grid energy solutions. Our team specialises in Battery Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles & E-mobility, Flexibility, Distributed Energy, Smart Grid, and Connected Homes. We offer bespoke executive search and recruitment solutions across cleantech innovations, including blockchain, peer-to-peer energy systems, the internet of energy, and connected homes.

We provide recruitment services across various functions, including engineering, project management, and sales. Our clients include innovators, charge point operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), energy suppliers, financiers, systems integrators, consultants, and automobile manufacturers. Our goal is to support the transition to a low-carbon economy by connecting you with the best talent.

AP GlobalEnergy is your go-to recruitment partner for Smart Technology startups, covering Smart Home, Smart Metering, Smart Water, Smart Energy, and Smart Grid. Our award-winning, customised service ensures your hiring needs and business goals are met. Our expert consultants understand market trends and provide top-tier candidates to help your business thrive.

Connecting Top Talent with Innovative Companies

Our extensive network includes professionals such as:

  • Chief Data Officers

  • Chief Data Scientists

  • Directors of Analytics

  • Heads of Data Science

  • Senior Business Analysts

  • Data Engineers

  • Carbon Analysts

  • Software Engineers

  • Hardware Engineers

  • Finance & Operations Specialists

  • Product Managers

  • Sales & Marketing Professionals

Smart technology is revolutionising energy to meet the increasing demands of homes and businesses. Whether developing a smart home hub or designing an efficient smart thermostat, our database of talented professionals will help you achieve your goals. Your next hire is just one call away.

For expert recruitment solutions in the smart technology and grid sectors, contact AP GlobalEnergy today.