Jobs in Dubai​

Leading Recruitment Solutions Senior-Level Professionals in Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Shipping, Construction, and Pharmaceuticals.

Welcome to AP GlobalEnergy, your trusted recruitment partner in Dubai. If you're a management or senior-level professional seeking a new challenge, we specialise in connecting experienced leaders like you with top opportunities in the Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Shipping, Construction, and Pharmaceuticals sectors.

Your Path to Leadership in Dubai

Dubai is a global hub for industries like Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Shipping, Construction, and Pharmaceuticals, offering numerous opportunities for career advancement and leadership. AP GlobalEnergy specialist consultants understand the unique dynamics of these sectors and are dedicated to helping you find a role that matches your expertise and ambitions.

In the Oil & Gas industry, Dubai is pivotal with its strategic location and advanced infrastructure. AP GlobalEnergy consultants can connect you with senior roles in exploration, production, and refining. Whether you're a senior engineer, project director, finance director or operations executive, we have positions that will help you lead significant projects in onshore and offshore operations.

Dubai is also at the forefront of renewable energy innovation. With ambitious projects there are many leadership roles available for professionals driving sustainable energy initiatives. If you have expertise in solar, wind, hydro, or bioenergy sectors, we can help you find a senior position that supports Dubai’s ambitious solar and green energy projects, aligning with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050.

For those in the Shipping industry, Dubai’s strategic location makes it a key player. We offer senior roles that ensure smooth and efficient operations in one of the world's busiest ports. Positions are available for maritime directors, senior logistics managers, and port operations executives.

Dubai’s ever-changing skyline is a testament to its booming Construction industry. We specialise in placing top-tier construction leaders in jobs that deliver outstanding results on world’s most iconic projects. If you are a senior project manager, construction director, or chief engineer, we can help you find your next major project in Dubai’s commercial, residential, and infrastructure sectors.

The Pharmaceuticals sector in Dubai is driven by innovation, aiming to become a leading hub for healthcare and biotechnology. We provide targeted recruitment services with senior roles in clinical research, regulatory affairs, and biochemistry. Our understanding of pharmaceutical research and development, coupled with Dubai’s regulatory framework, ensures you find a leadership position that propels your career forward.

Our extensive network of top employers spans across the globe, providing you with numerous opportunities to advance your career in senior management roles. Our tailored recruitment strategies are designed to match your exceptional skills and leadership capabilities with the right opportunities. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals and providing exceptional support throughout your job search.